Imposter Syndrome

A few weeks ago, Kiel chatted with Jessamy Gee & Alice Edy from the Imposter Syndrome Club. Here's what went down: Wu Tang Clan, personal style, being unconventionally professional, growing up in a small town, the glory days of Billabong, being a good manifester, the importance of diversity in your work, wives being the best, the importance of a great team, DocumentV2-final_FINAL3-thisone.jpeg, being part of a growing creative community, giving back, being a bird nerd, and trying not to burn out. Lots, basically!! Give it a listen. 

About the Podcast

Why does everyone know what they’re doing except for me? Welcome to the club. The Imposter Syndrome Club is a podcast about life, work, feelings, and the devastating weight of comparison.

Hosts Alice Edy (artist / illustrator) and Jessamy Gee (illustrator / host of CreativeMornings Melbourne) and a series of creatives, entrepreneurs, small business owners and other impressive humans peel back the curtain to talk about what their lives really look like, beyond the shiny Insta profiles and professional bios. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cringe.






A chat with TCC’s Creative Director, Kiel Tillman

A few weeks ago, our CD Kiel Tillman sat down with Spencer from the Everything Small Business Podcast. Buddies for quite some time, this podcast was a work-in-progress for far too long. But now it's finally here!

This episode is just one in a series of epic Small Business Stories that have been coming out of the ESB podcasting team. We're stoked Kiel was invited to share his journey in the creative industries, our design process here at TCC, and his experience as a small business owner. 

What's in the episode?

In this episode, Spenc & Kiel explore design & business in equal parts, talking about:

Kiel's career journey
From print shop to surf industry, then 3D printing start-up to finally starting his own creative business.

A wildly different design school education
Computers only 2-days a week, whaaaat?!

Being part of the local creative community
Meeting other creatives, hosting creative workshops and talking at conferences.

The signature Tillman style
The key elements of Kiel's signature style and the TCC design process. 

The highs & lows of running a small business
Hot tip: do your taxes!

And a saucy opinion on niching down
If the hero graphic is anything to go by, errr... well f*ck niching down!