The Undercurrent is a clothing label based on the Gold Coast. It was born from a desire to flaunt the Gold Coast through the eyes of locals. So the organisers pick local creatives to give their take on the suburb in which they reside in form of a graphic to be printed onto garments. Kinda like a tourist souvenir…..but cool!

Our creative director, Kiel, is a Currumbin local so he was given the task to create the graphic for his suburb. The rainbow lorikeet can be found all throughout the Gold Coast, but especially in Currumbin and the Bird Sanctuary. The area is also a favourite for motorbike enthusiasts who often start their weekend rides at a local cafe, Iron and Resin, before heading out to Currumbin Valley.

Kiel’s concept is inspired by old school motorbike style graphics, but instead of a gnarly eagle, there is a lorikeet perched as the main graphic element. Utilising the bright vibrant colours from the bird itself throughout the design.

Check out this design as well as a whole bunch more over at their website.




"Inspired by old school motorbike style graphics, but replacing a gnarly eagle with a rainbow lorikeet”